Wheat Products

  • Special Atta

    Ankit Special Atta is made from premium quality wheat grains. The atta is blended in a specific ratio of atta and maida. There are no additives during processing or packaging of Ankit’s special atta. The quality of the atta is such that it puffs up in no time during baking or roasting to make crisp tasty tandoori rotis. The excellent elasticity encourages optimum spreading capacity of the dough to make paper thin roomali rotis with authentic flavour.

    The word ‘roomal’ means handkerchief in Hindi, and is used to describe roomali rotis – a wafer thin and supple Indian bread. Roomali rotis prepared using Ankit Special Atta are soft and have a mouth-watering taste. No additives are used during processing or packaging of Ankit Special Atta.

  • Wheat Dalia

    Ankit produces wheat dalia from the finest quality wheat, processing it to make tasty, healthy dalia, high in fibre and nutrients. Ankit Dalia is manufactured without any chemicals or preservatives. It retains its natural flavours and high nutrition content making it an extremely healthy choice.

  • Wheat Germ

    Wheat germ is the most vitamin and mineral-rich part of the wheat kernel, normally removed during the milling process. The term “germ” in wheat germ comes from the word “germinate” and not germs as in harmful microorganisms.

    It is a concentrated source of several essential nutrients: folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin E, phytosterols, omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, to name a few. It is also very high in fibre. This means that wheat germ has several health benefits like improved cardiovascular function, better digestion and lower unhealthy cholesterol. It has a high calorie content but these are good calories which actually helps the body cope with stress and lose weight.

    Ankit produces wheat germ of high quality. Adding our wheat germ to the atta while making rotis adds nutrition to the entire meal and also imparts a unique flavour to the rotis.

    Directions for use: Add one tablespoon to every 1 cup of flour, when making rotis. The wheat germ may be increased upto 2 tablespoons per cup of flour, as per taste.

  • Maida

    Maida refers to finely milled and refined wheat flour. Maida is made from the inner white portion of the wheat grain after the outer layer of bran has been removed. No chemical addition or bleaching is done to Ankit Maida to improve whiteness. Thus what you see is what you get - premium quality, fresh, all-natural Maida.                               

    Available in 50kg and 1kg packing. 



  • Sooji

    Sooji or semolina is coarsely ground wheat. It contains a lot of protein. It is used to make halwas and other delicious items. Ankit produces “mota dana” (bold grain) sooji of the highest quality. Our sooji is speckless and free of bran, stones and impurities. We also specially roast our sooji to impart a rich aroma and also increase the shelf life. Ankit maintains the highest standards of hygiene to keep the product fresh and clean.

  • Chakki Fresh

    Ankit Chakki Fresh Atta is made by traditional stone grinding, a process that imparts a characteristic aroma and taste, and contributes to the sweetness of the Atta. The high bran content of the wholemeal Atta makes it a fibre-rich food. There are no additives during processing or packaging, making Ankit’s Chakki Fresh Atta 100% natural.    

    Available in 50kg, 25kg, 5kg and 1kg packing.