Rice Products

  • Parboiled

    Parboiling is the term used when the paddy is pre-cooked before milling. The process involves passing steam through the paddy, and then soaking the steamed paddy in warm water for 6-8 hours. This steamed and soaked paddy is then dried and milled. Essentially, parboiling refers to the industrial pre-cooking of paddy before milling.

    Without parboiling, the transfer of nutrients from the outer husk to the inner kernel would not take place and nutrients would be lost during the dehusking process. In this way, parboiled rice is considered more nutritious.

    The varieties of parboiled rice that we process include : Banskati, Sarna, Miniket, Patnai and IR36

  • Raw

    Raw rice refers to rice that has not been treated to any kind of pre-cooking process (parboiling) before milling. It has a longer cooking time but is preferred by some segments of society for its different taste and flavour. Ankit does several varieties of raw rice such as Basmati, IR36, Sarna and Gobindo Bhog to cater to the differing tastes of consumers. 

  • Miniket


  • Sarna


  • Banskati


  • IR36


  • Patnai

    Patnai Rice